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Our proprietary products are created using two protein engineering technologies, Site-Specific PEGylation and ImmunoFusion Protein technology. Both technologies increase a protein's effective size and slow its clearance from the body. Both technologies preserve biological activity of the therapeutic protein by targeting attachment of polymers or protein domains to preferred regions of the therapeutic protein. Historically, loss of biological activity and product heterogeneity have been the two most common problems encountered in the development of long-acting protein pharmaceuticals. The targeted protein modification technologies used by Bolder BioTechnology overcome these problems.

Key advantages of our protein engineering technologies:

  • Unique intellectual property position
  • Homogeneously modified proteins
  • Modified proteins retain high biological activity
  • Modified proteins remain longer in the body
  • Consistent lot to lot biological activities
  • Integration of protein structure/function information possible
  • Increased protein potency and stability
  • Decreased protein immunogenicity

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